When is it time to change those sheets?

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How often do you change your sheets? For some of us, it’s little wonder the answer remains a dirty secret.

Previous research out of the UK showed that only 35 per cent of adults changed their bed linen once a fortnight – with one in ten confessing they didn’t bother to do it more than once a month.

Now, Australian cleaning guru Shannon Lush has shared her advice on how often you really need to be stripping the bed covers… and you might be surprised.

‘If you’re showering once day, you can wash your sheets weekly,’ Ms Lush told news.com.au.

‘However, pillowcases should be changed every second day without fail. It’s against your face, and your hair holds more dirt than anywhere else on the body. It’s like a mop.’

‘Most people don’t wash their pillows enough, and it’s really vile,’ she added.

Pillows need to be washed regularly to ensure a healthy life-style.

‘It collects old skin cells, which we shed especially when we are asleep. The pillow is a major cause of blackheads.’

waterproof-pillow-protector-terryHowever there is a way in which you can extend the life of your pillow. By using a Gentelle pillow protector, your pillow shall preserve it’s quality, and naturally improve your sleep quality along the way.

But why should you use a pillow protector..? Well, the Gentelle pillow protector apart from being that beautiful touch of luxury, is 100% waterproof, protects the pillow against dust-mites and microbial, and is hygienic, and non-allergenic as well.

quiltedSo guess what… Instead of washing your pillows, you can simply strip the pillow protector off, and drop it straight in the washing machine. Your pillow stays as good as new.

Topping it all off, the Gentelle pillow protector includes an invisible zippered closure, and is stain resistant as well.

Ms Lush also told the site how you know when it’s time to trade in your old pillows.

‘If you hold your arm out and drop your pillow over your forearm widthways and it sags, then it’s time to buy a new pillow,’ she said.

‘Ideally, pillows should be replaced when they’re lumpy, saggy, smelly or discoloured – the time between buys depends on level of usage, how much you sweat, how often it gets washed and so on…

Originally titled “It’s time to change those sheets”, this article was written by Katherine Davison for Daily Mail Australia, and edited by Benham International (Pvt) Ltd.









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