Suppliers of Premium Quality Bed, Bath, and Banquet Linen,
& Emergency Relief Supply Specialists

Welcome to an extensive range of elegant, soft and cozy hotel and home linen, manufactured to perfection by Benham International.

Supplied under the flagship brand name ‘Gentelle’, our luxurious bed, bath and banquet linens are created with delicately woven fabrics from the finest quality of Pakistani cotton, and have stood the test of our stringent quality control measures.

Relief Supplies

The Relief Supplies Logistics arm of Benham International was founded in the wake of the Tsunami catastrophe that swept across South and South-East Asia. It began as a support… Read More.

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Gentelle Linens

With Gentelle, experience the luxury of premium quality, affordable hotel and home utility linen that covers a range of products including towels, bed sheets, pillows, pillow and mattress protectors, duvets, mattresses and a selection of banquet linen.

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The Benham Excellence

Servicing a wide cross-section of clients both locally and internationally, Benham International takes stringent measures to preserve premier product quality, whilst also ensuring customer care with the added benefit of tailor making supply solutions that best fits even the most demanding of requirements.

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Flat Sheets
Fitted Sheets
Duvet Covers
Pillow Cases
Pillow Protectors
Mattress Protectors


Table Runners
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Bath Towels
Bath Mats
Face Towels
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Boutique Bath Linen

“I stayed in Shangri La, Hambantota this last weekend, and had the most restful sleep partly due to your pillows. As such, I wanted to see if I might buy a few.
I realize you are primarily a supplier to hotels, but if there is anyway that I can purchase some, please do let me know.”

A Loyal Customer, S.K.

Benham’s Emergency Relief Supplies Division

We provide relief supplies to NGO’s and other disaster management organizations engaged in humanitarian work around the world. Our competitive edge is based on our ability to quickly collaborate with industry experts to offer tailor made products and services that are cost effective and are of superior quality.

  • Kitchen Sets
  • Family Ridge Tents
  • School Tents – Double Fly
  • Body Bags
  • Tarpaulins
  • Educational & Recreational Kits
  • Hygiene Kits

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